Team Results By Season
The first season of the Milwaukee Braves was 1953. Their last season was 1965.
Won/loss records for all of this team's seasons. Results for all teams begins with the 1871 season. This is commonly regarded as the first in professional baseball.
Prior to 1953 the team for this franchise was the Boston Braves and after 1965, the Atlanta Braves.
1953 Milwaukee Braves9262.5972nd
1954 Milwaukee Braves8965.5783rd
1955 Milwaukee Braves8569.5522nd
1956 Milwaukee Braves9262.5972nd
1957 Milwaukee Braves9559.6171st21
1958 Milwaukee Braves9262.5971st2
1959 Milwaukee Braves8670.5512nd
1960 Milwaukee Braves8866.5712nd
1961 Milwaukee Braves8371.5394th
1962 Milwaukee Braves8676.5315th
1963 Milwaukee Braves8478.5196th
1964 Milwaukee Braves8874.5435th
1965 Milwaukee Braves8676.5315th
World Series Champs Pennant Winner