Team Results By Season
The first season of the Kansas City Athletics was 1955. Their last season was 1967.
Won/loss records for all of this team's seasons. Results for all teams begins with the 1871 season. This is commonly regarded as the first in professional baseball.
Prior to 1955 the team for this franchise was the Philadelphia Athletics and after 1967, the Oakland Athletics.
1955 Kansas City Athletics6391.4096th
1956 Kansas City Athletics52102.3388th
1957 Kansas City Athletics5994.3867th
1958 Kansas City Athletics7381.4747th
1959 Kansas City Athletics6688.4297th
1960 Kansas City Athletics5896.3778th
1961 Kansas City Athletics61100.3799th
1962 Kansas City Athletics7290.4449th
1963 Kansas City Athletics7389.4518th
1964 Kansas City Athletics57105.35210th
1965 Kansas City Athletics59103.36410th
1966 Kansas City Athletics7486.4637th
1967 Kansas City Athletics6299.38510th