2008 Final Standings - Vintage Baseball
The teams, leagues, and final standings of the 2008 baseball season

2008 Final Major League Standings

American League

Tampa Bay Rays329765.599-
Boston Red Sox49567.5862.0
New York Yankees8973.5498.0
Toronto Blue Jays8676.53111.0
Baltimore Orioles6893.42228.5
Chicago White Sox38974.546-
Minnesota Twins8875.5401.0
Cleveland Indians8181.5007.5
Kansas City Royals7587.46313.5
Detroit Tigers7488.45714.5
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim310062.617-
Texas Rangers7983.48821.0
Oakland Athletics7586.46624.5
Seattle Mariners61101.37739.0

National League

Philadelphia Phillies3219270.568-
New York Mets8973.5493.0
Florida Marlins8477.5227.5
Atlanta Braves7290.44420.0
Washington Nationals59102.36632.5
Chicago Cubs39764.602-
Milwaukee Brewers49072.5567.5
Houston Astros8675.53411.0
St. Louis Cardinals8676.53111.5
Cincinnati Reds7488.45723.5
Pittsburgh Pirates6795.41430.5
Los Angeles Dodgers38478.519-
Arizona Diamondbacks8280.5062.0
Colorado Rockies7488.45710.0
San Francisco Giants7290.44412.0
San Diego Padres6399.38921.0
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