1995 Final Standings - Vintage Baseball
The teams, leagues, and final standings of the 1995 baseball season

1995 Final Major League Standings

American League

Boston Red Sox38658.597-
New York Yankees47965.5497.0
Baltimore Orioles7173.49315.0
Detroit Tigers6084.41726.0
Toronto Blue Jays5688.38930.0
Cleveland Indians3210044.694-
Kansas City Royals7074.48630.0
Chicago White Sox6876.47232.0
Milwaukee Brewers6579.45135.0
Minnesota Twins5688.38944.0
Seattle Mariners37966.545-
California Angels7867.5381.0
Texas Rangers7470.5144.5
Oakland Athletics6777.46511.5

National League

Atlanta Braves3219054.625-
New York Mets6975.47921.0
Philadelphia Phillies6975.47921.0
Florida Marlins6776.46922.5
Montreal Expos6678.45824.0
Cincinnati Reds38559.590-
Houston Astros7668.5289.0
Chicago Cubs7371.50712.0
St. Louis Cardinals6281.43422.5
Pittsburgh Pirates5886.40327.0
Los Angeles Dodgers37866.542-
Colorado Rockies47767.5351.0
San Diego Padres7074.4868.0
San Francisco Giants6777.46511.0
World Series Champs League Champs Division Champs
Future Hall of Famers: Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Kirby Puckett2, Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken, Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor, Ozzie Smith, Eddie Murray, Andre Dawson, Dennis Eckersley, Dave Winfield2
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